Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Beauty for All

It is highly unlikely that one has watched television or read a magazine without seeing a Proactiv Solution advertisement. Their commercials have become so popular due to their promised guarantee, that they are virtually everywhere.

I did not really notice that ProActiv focuses primarily on Caucasians until I read Ben's analysis. Most, if not all of the women and men on their website, commercials and magazine articles are Caucasias. It is true that 'the average white does have a higher income than African-Americans or Hispanics.' (par.3) This is so proved in an article called "Race and Income", which states that, "White incomes have risen a bit, on average, while incomes for black and Hispanic families have declined." (par.2) So, by appealing to the more wealthy, they hope to draw in more money. It is unclear as to if the company is trying to say that white people are more beautiful than the other races or not. Some people may take offense to the fact that there are primarily whites on the advertisements and commercials. In looking up other articles I came across one that noted P. Diddy and the Williams sisters. That is the first time I have seen African Americans mentioned in a ProActiv advertisement. It is true that even though they hardly do it, when they do, they mention famous athletes and musical artists to draw in the crowd.

It is true that the site is primarily focused on women in their late teens and older. They have gotten gorgeous actresses, dancers and other Hollywood starts to promote their products. The Proactiv company has ingeniously used these not only attractive, but rich and famous, people to promote their products. Many women become tricked by this and think that if they use Proactiv, they too will become beautiful like the beautiful women who endorse it. These stars also always look precisely immaculate in the commercials, leading consumers to believe they will be happy and immaculate too with the use of these products. As silly as it sounds, it works. Most women are so concerned about their looks that they will do anything to become more beautiful than the next girl. These women will also usually go to any cost, however extreme, to make beauty happen for them. Proactiv can charge whatever they want because they target the female audience so well with their endorsers. It is an ingenious tactic and other companies should learn from their example.

Proactiv located their two main target consumers and used tactics to persuade and draw them in to purchasing their products. The company was obviously very smart in determining the audience they would show their products to. Being aware of the audience can help to make writing or advertisements more successful.


  1. I think that you may be a little too negative towards Proactiv. I believe that you have made very valid points, but need to give them credit in some way. It sounds as if you were against them from the beginning.

  2. The quote used here is a good choice for your essay but it needs some more support. I feel like I'm left hanging a little after the quote. You say this is true but how do you know? Could you get a picture or quotes to support your whole claim?

  3. Nice job! Having read both your and Ben's analysis, it is interesting to see how Proactiv and other companies that market "lotions and potions" advertise to their customers. One question as far as quotations go: Where did you get the information about African Americans versus Caucasians? It would be helpful to have a link to that information. To support this quote, you could also give further evidence as to how Proactiv focuses on a specific audience. You said Proactiv focuses mainly on Caucasians - how do they do that?

    Also, I feel like your post was a summary of Ben's analysis. Try digging a little deeper. What other rhetorical techniques are used to further persuade Proactiv's audience?